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A tool to quickly import your Google Calendar (or any other calendar that supports ICAL) items as time entries in toggl.



  1. Export your Google Calendarwith your appointments to an ICS file. how?
  2. Upload the file using the above file upload screen.
  3. Download the togglfy csv file.
  4. Upload the togglfy csv file in toggl how?
  5. Done!


  • Event title (Google Calendar's '"what") format is;
    project - description - client - task
    Big Project - CSS clean up - John Smith - reformatted style.css
  • If there are no dashes in the description, the whole string is the description and there is no project/client/task set.
  • If there is one dash in the description, the first part becomes the projectname and the second part the description.

Now get crackin'!